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"Look for the TOP HAT Goose!"

Hi, this is Richard from C&R Productions/Richard's Promotions, welcome to our web-site. We are committed to afford our Artisans a quality forum to display their wares. Our events are conducted in several of Southeastern Iowa's finest exhibition halls, and are managed in a business like,  enjoyable family style atmosphere. 

We are always looking for top quality Crafters to enhance our shows, and would like to invite you to participate in one of the Arts and Crafts Sales promoted by C&R Productions/Ricahrd's Promotions. We have been promoting shows in numerous venues throughout Southeastern Iowa since 1988, with a great deal of success. Please proceed to the "CALENDAR" page for information regarding upcoming C&R Production Events.

 C&R Productions/Richard's Promotions sponsor only JURIED events. EVERYTHING in our shows MUST be hand made, by the person, or persons selling them. NO exceptions or imports! Although it is quality merchandise, anything that was purchased from LTD., Tender Heart catalog, Country Peddler, Wangs and any other such companies, whether you altered it or not, are not allowed at anytime!!

Parking at all C&R Production/Richard's Promotions events is FREE and PLENTIFUL for the exhibitors, as well as the scores of customers who attend.

Super rates at participating Motels for our Exhibitors, some within 5 minutes of the show. Please view the details regarding participating Motels.

Do a show sponsored by Richard's Promotions and you will be hooked, and the money you earn will put a smile on your face.

Information and Contracts for upcoming C & R Productions/Richard's Promotions Arts and Craft shows are available by e-mail: richardt@centurylink.net


41st Atkins Christmas Baazar -November 17, 2018

for a more detailed list, see our CALENDAR page